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Advertising images in arrangements - how to create the perfect composition and make your product stand out from the competition?

In advertising photography, excellent results can be achieved in many ways. In very many cases, packshot photos, which present only the advertised artefact, produce great results. A slightly more advanced type of advertising photo, used in larger-scale marketing activities, are advertising photos in arrangements. These are very appealing to potential buyers and provide ample scope for photographers.

Advantages of arranged photography

To better understand the potential and power of arranged images, it is best to use an example. Imagine, for example, a bottle of cooling drink. Presented against a white background and shown from different perspectives, it would hardly arouse anyone's interest. Just a bottle and nothing more. However, if it is juxtaposed with a photo of a beautiful beach in the background and in the company of various products associated with a carefree holiday, emotions are stirred, and this is of great importance in winning the interest of customers. The role of arranged photography is not only to present a product in a professional manner, but also to show what it makes you feel and experience. It is really interesting how excellent marketing effects can be achieved if such a composition is skilfully created.

Zdjęcia aranżacyjne, fotografia reklamowa, snapshot-studio, rybnik

What makes up a professional photographic composition?

In addition to the advertised product, which should be best displayed in a promotional photograph, a good composition is made up of several other very important elements. It is important that all the details in the photograph match both thematically and aesthetically. Culinary photography is a good example of this. How much more beautiful and appetising a dish will look if it is presented against a beautiful background, accompanied by impressive china, cutlery and other decorative details. These can include herbs, spices, fresh vegetables and fruit, a cup of coffee or tea and beautiful textiles.

Fotografia aranżacyjna, kulinaria, snapshot-studio, Warszawa

It is important that all elements of the composition work harmoniously together, so that the whole is homogeneous and consistent in terms of the quality and nature of the message. In order to ensure that the advertising message in this form is in line with the client's expectations, it is necessary for the photographer to familiarise himself with the specifics of his client's business. It is also essential to know the target audience. A photograph aimed at young people will look different to one aimed at mature and socially well-established people.

Creating the right composition for advertising photography requires the right knowledge, but also vision and a sense of taste and aesthetics. Good lighting and the ideal positioning of individual elements are important. This is why it is worth entrusting this task to professionals with experience. This will allow you to stand out from the competition in a positive way. 

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