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A few words about us - number 1 product photography studio in Silesia!!

How it all started ?

The photographic activity under the name of Snapshot Studio officially began in May 2014 in Rybnik. The very idea of ​​establishing a company providing high-quality commercial photography services arose much earlier. Already in 2006, Agnieszka realized her first order for an image photo session for the law and patent office Rumpel Federowicz (currently Rumpel i Partnerzy) in Łódź. The following years are a period of intensive learning, continuous improvement and polishing of practical skills.

The concept of following the direction of professional advertising photography is the result of both passion and commitment as well as our response to the  growing need of the E-Commerce market in Poland. In recent years, we have recorded a rapid increase in online sales, and thus - an increase in demand for high-quality product photos.

In 2015, our first website snapshot-studio.pl was created - dedicated mainly to online sellers. In the following year, we expand our offer by also providing services in the field of design and brokerage in printing. We are also introducing - as one of the first companies in Poland - a Free Trial Session, which customers have the opportunity to knows about the quality of our services - without any commitment.

2017 is a period of continuous development and further expansion of the offer, which includes, among others, professional culinary photography and architectural (interior) photos. We have also introduced a refreshed version of the website - adapted to mobile devices (RWD). This year, we also joined the development program - 
Coraz Lepsza Firma  - to become a better and better company!

2018 is a year of investment for us - both in professional equipment for product photography and in a new photo studio that will be able to meet even the most demanding photo sessions. At the same time, we are intensively working on orders and improving our offer. We introduce an innovative system for managing orders and products in the warehouse. Companies such as 
W.KRUK or BYTOM join the group of our clients.

2019 is the most intense year for us since the beginning of our activity! At the beginning of the year, we moved from the old headquarters to a new studio. In February, we are going to the largest advertising fair in Central Europe - Rema Days Warsaw, where we are exhibitors for the first time. Our offer is directed not only to local and national customers, but also to foreign customers. We continue to invest in equipment by purchasing, among others, professional mannequins for photos of ghost clothing. We are constantly broadening our horizons and constantly developing! We undergo a complete rebranding - changing the logo, colors, advertising materials and website - including, among other things, an individual customer panel that allows you to track the progress of the order. We are introducing a new service - a studio for rent and a new tab - Career. Another novelty is the innovative affiliate program - "You promote - you gain" thanks to which each recommendation of our company is awarded with a special bonus.

How do we work?

Software We use newest version of Adobe Creative Cloud software.
Screens We work with specialized, calibrated EIZO and NEC screens.
Graphics tablets Thanks to Wacom graphics tablets, our retouching process and projects are precise and accurate.
Studio We own fully-equipped photography studio with professional equipment.
Affiliate programs Thanks to affiliate programs with polish best printing houses, we offer printing services with tight deadlines and very competitive pricing.
Licensing With all commercial photos you also get individual license, documenting rights to use photographs - for different fields of exploitation (online, printed etc)

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