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Light in product and traditional photography

To say that light in photography is of great importance is like saying nothing at all. Used skilfully, it allows you not only to properly highlight the elements of a photograph that you want to particularly stand out, but also to build a mood, emphasise colours, textures and so on.

Natural light

The most experienced and aware photographers value the use of natural light above all else. Obviously, this is of paramount importance, especially when photographing landscapes and nature. Waiting for hours for perfect light, sharp and fresh in the morning, soft and atmospheric in the evening - this is the daily routine of real photographers. Only in the company of perfect light can truly beautiful, natural, stunning effects be achieved.

naturalne swiatlo latarnia na podworku

The real art is in building and planning frames in such a way as to make the best use of light. Mastering it requires years of observation, self-testing and learning. It is easier to understand the laws governing the use of light in photography once you know the role of its four basic characteristics: direction, intensity, colour and character.

Great examples can be found in the book Light in Photography - the fruit of the work of several authors/photographers containing a wealth of practical and theoretical knowledge (over 400 pages!). 

stacja ladowania samochodu

Studio product photography and light

Of course, not every type of photograph can be taken outdoors. This is especially true in the field of product photography. Taking repetitive, similarly styled images is very important in order to build up the coherent character of an online shop's offering. Studio work also requires excellent light handling skills. In order for the photos to show the advertised product at its best, it is necessary to emphasise its assets, interesting details and other elements that make the item more interesting in the eyes of potential buyers.

While in nature the photographer is "condemned" to the whims of nature and the constantly changing light conditions, in the studio he or she can provide much more comfortable working conditions thanks to precisely selected artificial lighting.  

The possibilities for composing light sets for use in studio conditions are truly numerous. Beginning photographers often invest in a single lamp and blender at the initial stage, and additionally try to make the best use of the existing light. Over time, many professionals decide to purchase additional lamps for continuous light, i.e. for non-stop operation.  

okulary przeciwsloneczne

Professional product photography studios, on the other hand, primarily use studio flashes - with the ability to adjust the intensity of the light required. Such a lamp usually has a modelling light and a flash light. We personally recommend the Quadralite brand, which we have been using for 8 years now - they are really reliable. The fastest flashes can even freeze a product in motion (e.g. when pouring water).

In product photography, it is very important that it captures the actual appearance of the product as well as possible. This applies in particular to photos of clothing (textiles) and cosmetics. Customers in online shops make their decision to buy an item on the basis of the images on the website. It is therefore important that the images are not too over-coloured. If, upon receiving the ordered product, the customer discovers that its actual appearance differs significantly from the one presented in the e-shop, he/she will have justified reasons to lodge a complaint.   A so-called colour checker and a well-calibrated monitor may also be necessary.

pies na poduszce

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