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Photography on Amazon - what you should know before adding an auction

We won't discover America if we say that product photos are of colossal importance in online sales, especially on auction sites such as Amazon, where competition is enormous. In order to increase the chances of potential customers seeing our product and becoming interested enough to read a detailed listing (and that's a lot!), the photographs of the items on offer need to be really professional.

Fotografia amaazon produkt snapshot studio Polska

Product photography on Amazon

When listing your product on Amazon, it is important to bear in mind that the service requires users to follow specific guidelines. These concern, among other things, the Main Image photograph, i.e. the one that is the only one displayed in search results on the portal. It must:

- have a minimum of 1000x500 pixels,- We are able to offer you more detailed photos as they have a resolution of 4000 px

- have a white background (preferred RGB value is 255,255,255),

- be arranged in such a way that the product to be sold occupies a minimum of 85% of the total area of the photo,

- have format. JPEG, although photographs in .TIFF and .GIF formats are also acceptable.

Advertising photography for Amazon must be fully professional. It is intended by its creators to be a site that is as customer-focused as possible and offers everything the customer would like to buy online. It is therefore important to them that all sellers using this platform to distribute their products are trustworthy and committed to co-creating Amazon's position as a leader in online sales. The most important image is the main photo that is placed in the auction. In particular, it determines whether a customer is interested in an offer. 

Product photos on Amazon - what to avoid?

When it comes to photos on Amazon, precision and accuracy are extremely important. Photographs must not be taken at random and it is absolutely prohibited to paste in illustrations or drawings. The product for sale must be presented in such a way as to reflect its actual appearance as closely as possible. This applies to colour and many other details. It is also forbidden to include unjustified objects in a photograph that may in some way mislead the customer. The ban also applies to additional graphics and text block.

Product images - additional elements allowed by Amazon

There is an exception to the prohibitions mentioned a little earlier. This applies to products that are available in different colour variants or in multiple designs or textures. The photos that show the product and all its available versions have a separate name - these are swatch photos. Amazon allows one such photo per product listing. In addition to the swatch photo and the main photo, the seller has a further eight additional photos available. This is enough to present the product from virtually every perspective in the most accurate and thoughtful way possible.

Fotografia amazon wielowariantowość Snapshot studio polska
For obvious reasons, it is advisable to have professional photographers take your advertising photos on Amazon. They not only have the right equipment, but also the knowledge and experience necessary to get the job done right. 



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