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Good product photography and conversion on Amazon

Good product photography and conversion on Amazon

Product photography and, more broadly, advertising photography are currently booming fields of photography. The main reason for the popularity of this type of service is the ever-growing interest in online shopping. There are more and more online shops and, consequently, competition is also increasing. With good photographs, it is possible to gain the interest of many potential customers, and actually not only gain their interest, but convince them to buy. What impact do photographs have on sales on Amazon? You will read about this in the article.

Impressive product images and their sales potential

It has been proven time and time again that good quality product images can significantly increase sales levels. To understand why this is the case, it is enough to know what mechanisms are triggered in the human brain when shopping online. Hardly any customer takes the trouble to read a detailed description. The decision as to whether we are interested in something or not is usually made within a few tens of seconds on the basis of product photographs. If they are attractive and present the item in a way that highlights all its advantages, it is much more likely to find a buyer.

Images on Amazon and conversion

Conversion is one of the most important indicators that show whether an online shop is profitable. In the simplest terms, conversion tells us what percentage of people who visit our online shop decide to shop with us. Obviously, the higher this rate is, the better.

One of the most reliable ways to increase this conversion is through professional catalogue photos. Attractive photographs can be taken of virtually any item. Whether it's photos of clothing, jewellery, shoes, watches or food, they can be so evocative and beautiful that the products they show will - colloquially speaking - sell themselves.

The quality of the photos needs to be taken particularly seriously if you are presenting your offer on sites such as Amazon, where competition is fierce. An additional complication can be the fact that, paradoxically, Amazon has very specific requirements regarding image size and product presentation. An experienced photographer knows how - by following all these rules - to get the best results, so it is worth entrusting him with this task. 

Selling on Amazon - why do photos matter so much?

In addition to the fact that professional, attractive photographs are more likely to encourage a purchase, they also demonstrate the seller's committed and respectful approach to the customer. Sloppy photos on Amazon send a clear signal to potential buyers that the seller doesn't really care what they think of them or their offer. Is this the way to build success in commerce? The answer to this question is obvious.  

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