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Product photography Packshot photos from 6 EUR / from 10 EUR
Clothing photography Ghost mannequin photos from 10 EUR / from 15 EUR
Commercial photography Arranged photos from 20 EUR / from 30 EUR
Culinary photography Food photos from 15 EUR / from 25 EUR
Fashion photography Photos with models, Lookbooks from 15 EUR / from 25 EUR
Jewelery photography Bijou photos from 15 EUR / from 20 EUR
Corporate Photography Business photos from 15 EUR / from 20 EUR
Architecture photography Interior photos from 15 EUR / from 25 EUR
Additional services Designing and printing Individual pricing
Each order / inquiry is treated and priced individually . The prices given are minimum amounts and depend on factors such as: the type of products, the number of products, the number of shots for one product or the field of use of the photo (Internet / Small or large format printing). We issue VAT invoices and an individual license for all our projects. All prices are given in net amounts. Please contact us to prepare an individually tailored price offer.
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